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Optima Sport Pants Pro K6

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With our recovery pants you get a superb treatment of your legs, buttocks and hip flexors. The pants can be used before training, but will also help you recover faster after training. Read more..

When you wear your pants, venous fluid is squeezed back, causing increased blood flow. This will release oxygen and nutrients around your muscles, which will help you rebuild damaged tissue. The pants prevents injuries and helps you recover much faster. Our Pants improve hip flexibility and soften your buttocks – so you are extra ready for cycling, running, or squats, for example.

The bone structure around the hips is larger than in the legs, so the pressure around the hips may feel different from your Optima Sport Recovery Boots.

The Pants are one-size and can be used with our stationary machine, as well as our battery-powered K6 machine. The pants come with Optima Sport cable protection.

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